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Virgins ? What Virgins? Ibn Warraq After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Richard Dawkins urged me to take a more active role in discussions of Islam. He suggested that I submit articles to the London Guardian since he had already contacted his friend Annalena McAfee, editor of The Guardian’s literary supplement. The present […]

Islam, Middle East and Fascism by Ibn Warraq From New English Review.   In a speech that he gave at Columbia University, Umberto Eco spelled out fourteen features that he considered were typical of Eternal Fascism (which he also calls Ur-Fascism ); adding however this explanatory detail: ” These features cannot be organized into a […]

How To Argue With A Muslim: “Out Of Context” by Ibn Warraq It is quite common to hear two arguments from Muslims and apologists of Islam, the language argument, and that old standby of crooked, lying politicians, “you have quoted out of context.” Let us look at the language argument first. You are asked aggressively, […]

Democracy in a Cartoon Der Spiegel On Line.February 03, 2006 [,1518,398853,00.html ] [On the Danish Cartoons Controversy] The great British philosopher John Stuart Mill [1806-1873] wrote in On Liberty, “Strange it is that men should admit the validity of the arguments for free discussion, but object to their being ‘pushed to an extreme’; not […]