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Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World (Part 2) By Ibn Warraq   PART TWO: CONVERSIONS TO CHRISTIANITY.MOROCCO In Morocco, there is also a certain amount of evidence of Muslims converting to Christianity. While the majority of Christians are foreigners, the organisation known as the Voice of the Martyrs, founded to help persecuted Christians round […]

Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World: Part 1 By Ibn Warraq   PART ONE: POPULATION AND THE TRUE NUMBER OF CONVERTS. Immediately after 9/11, many journalists in the United States and Europe came out with several glib generalisations that I found, and still find, irritating, and furthermore, I am very skeptical of the claims […]

     Muslim Reformers 3 By Ibn Warraq  Ibtihal Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khatib.               As Memri reported, liberal Kuwaiti Shi’ite academic Ibtihal Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khatib revealed in August 2008, that she had received many death threats because of her criticisms of Hizbullah, and her advocacy of secularism in Kuwait and the Islamic world in general. Here […]

Muslim Reformers By Ibn Warraq   AHMAD AL-BAGHDADI [1950-2010]           During the question and answer sessions at my talks to various Humanist groups ( most recently CFI Indianapolis, CFI Arizona, and CFI Los Angeles), I am often asked about the possibility of reform within Islam, and of the existence of moderate Muslims. These are […]

Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion And Belief New Threats to Freedom of Opinion and Expression IbnWarraq [Apostasy Speech at UN in Geneva delivered at UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE, 22 April , 2005.] The very notion of apostasy has vanished from the West where one would talk of being a lapsed Catholic or non-practising Christian rather than an apostate. […]

How To Argue With A Muslim: “Out Of Context” by Ibn Warraq It is quite common to hear two arguments from Muslims and apologists of Islam, the language argument, and that old standby of crooked, lying politicians, “you have quoted out of context.” Let us look at the language argument first. You are asked aggressively, […]

  Reasons For Leaving Islam: Islam On Trial Textual Evidence From  Original Muslim Arabic Sources   PART ONE : MUHAMMAD AND HIS COMPANIONS . A: Muhammad’s Cruelty .   When some people from the tribe of Ukl who had reverted from Islam and killed a shepherd of camels were captured , Muhammad ordered that their  hands […]