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Interview with Ibn Warraq “The Religion Report” [This is a transcript of Stephen Crittenden’s interview of Ibn Warraq on “The Religion Report,” Australian Broadcasting Corporation. On Wednesday 10/10/01.]  ————————————————————- Secularist Muslim intellectual Ibn Warraq – not his real name – was born on the Indian subcontinent and educated in the West. He believes that the […]

The Nature of the Literary Evidence A Dialogue On Methodology [1] With Apologies To David Hume by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, June 2007.   “… [ A]ll we know is what we have been told. With neither artifact nor archive, the student of Islamic origins could easily become victim of a literary and linguistic […]

“Out Of Context,” Or, How To Argue With A Muslim by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, September  2007.    It is quite common to hear two arguments from Muslims and apologists of Islam, the language argument, and that old standby of crooked, lying politicians, “you have quoted out of context.” Let us look at […]

Koranic Criticism: 700 C.E. to 825 C.E. by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, October  2007.  Muslim scholars themselves, particularly acute and brilliant commentators like Zamakshari, Tabari, and al-Suyuti, made important observations on the Koran but they were all, of course, working within the Islamic framework, and thus were severely limited in their conclusions. Philosophers, […]

The Significance Of Non-Muslim Evidence For Koranic Studies by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, November  2007.    Alphonse Mingana, surveying the writings of Christians of the seventh century, and referring to the colloquy between Amr b. al -As and the Monophysite patriarch of Antioch, John I, and Isho`yahb III patriarch of Seleucia and John […]

Skepticism And Koranic Research by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, December  2007.    It was Gustav Weil in his Mohammed der prophet, sein Leben und sein Lehre (Stuttgart, 1843) who first applied the historico-critical method to the writing of the life of the Prophet. However, his access to the primary sources was very limited, […]

The Judeo-Christian Origins of Islam By Ibn Warraq As Patricia Crone once put it, “new religions do not spring fully fledged from the heads of prophets, old civilizations are not conjured away” Islam did not somehow emerge fully developed as the Islamic traditional accounts would have us believe but slowly over a long period of […]

Christmas in the Koran: Luxenberg, Syriac, and the Near Eastern and Judeo-Christian Background of Islam, edited by Ibn Warraq. Prometheus Books Reviewed by Robert M. Price “Islam and Islamic values,” cautioned historian Bernard Lewis in 2008, “have a level of immunity from comment and criticism in the Western world that Christianity has lost and Judaism […]

Historical Methodology and the Believer by Ibn Warraq The following is an expanded version of the speech Mr. Warraq delivered to the 2010 New English Review Symposium, “Decline, Fall & Islam” on June 19, 2010. PART ONE: SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY A few years ago I was invited to a conference at The Hague by Professor Hans […]