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Jane Austen and Slavery by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, July 2007.  Edward Said’s most egregious misreading of a literary work concerns Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park [1814].  Even before mangling Austen, Edward Said was responsible for having created an atmosphere of hostility and prejudice against the West and Western culture—from painting to literature.  In […]

Rock, Humanitarian Causes, Political Commitment and Islam by Ibn Warraq & Raphael Ismail   From New English Review, August  2008.  The present essay is a modest preliminary survey without theoretical assumptions and even fewer grand conclusions of Western rock groups that are politically and socially committed. We were particularly interested in bands or individuals that […]

The Regent’s Canal And The Trail To The British Raj, Parsis, And Sir Cowajee Jehanjir Readymoney by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, September  2008.    This was the first time that I had stayed in London longer than a few days for nearly twenty six years. I immediately took up where I had left […]

Islam & Music, Heavy Metal Islam by Ibn Warraq & Raphael Ismail From New English Review, November  2008.  Bernard Lewis was viciously attacked by Edward Said when the former declared that Classical Western Music was a “part of the inner citadel of Western culture”, and that virtually no Arabs had penetrated it, in contrast to […]

Literary Review’s Bad Sex Awards, 2008 by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, December  2008.    The best and the worst attitudes of the English to sex were on display in recent weeks in London. The English are embarrassed about sex, and often seem to think that it is only snigger worthy, but, at the […]

Sir Walter Scott, Jews and Saracens, and Other Sundry Subjects by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, May 2009.  PART ONE Edward Said, the late Professor of Comparative Literature at Columbia University, has, in his influential Orientalism, a characteristically shallow, sneering aside on Sir Walter Scott, and, in particular, on his novel, The Talisman:   […]

Sir Walter Scott’s Treatment of Jews in Ivanhoe by Ibn Warraq   From New English Review, July 2009.  It was argued by Leon Poliakov and others[1] that the portrait of Isaac the Jew in Ivanhoe is generally an unfavourable one, indeed an unflattering stereoptype derived from The Merchant of Venice and Marlowe’s The Jew of […]

Lockwood de Forest, Ahmadabad, and American Orientalism   by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, August 2009. Part 1 One of my great pleasures is exploring cities, the larger the city, the greater the surprises and serendipitous discoveries. However much you may think you know London, or Paris, or New York, there are, I wager, parts that […]

Lockwood de Forest’s Indian Inspired Design by Ibn Warraq   From the New English Review, September 2009.   Lockwood de Forest in India and Nepal, continued from Part I. De Forest was able to establish a workshop with the help of Muggenbhai Hutheesing in Ahmadabad by Spring, 1881, and continue his tour northwards to Jaipur, […]

Lockwood de Forest’s Successors by Ibn Warraq    From the New English Review,  October 2009  (Part III of the Lockwood de Forest series.) Read Part 1 here and Part 11 here. ) It is very likely that Lockwood de Forest visited the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878, which played such an important role in furthering the aims […]