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Mozart & Orientalism by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, November 2009. Western art has, in the words of Roger Scruton, “continuously ventured into spiritual territory that has no place on the Christian map,” and has done so with generosity, tolerance, affection, and a noble vision of universal humanity. Literature and music, as much as painting and […]

George Eliot, Daniel Deronda, & Zionism: Some Observations by Ibn Warraq   From New English Review, December 2009. Part One: A. George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda was first published in 1876, and proved to be her last novel. The novel begins in August 1865, and is thus set in, and a searching analysis of, the Victorian society […]

On Becoming English by Ibn Warraq   A number of readers, reviewers and journalists but also some friends acquired since writing my first book, Why I am Not a Muslim, have regularly expressed their disappointment that the one question I do not answer in the latter book is why I am not a Muslim, or […]

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part III by Ibn Warraq I do not know that I am happiest alone; but this I am sure of, that I am never long even in the society of her I love without a yearning for the company of my lamp and my utterly confused and tumbled-over library. – Byron, […]

Linda Nochlin and The Imaginary Orient by Ibn Warraq In the guest book at the Dahesh Museum which used to be on Madison Avenue, in Upper Manhattan,  [1] there is an entry by a tourist, possibly German, who enthuses about the Orientalist paintings in the collection, saying how much she admired and enjoyed them. Then, almost as […]

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part II by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, May 2015 “Someday I will go to London and revisit all the places where I housed at the time of my greatest poverty. I have not seen them for a quarter of a century or so….I see the winding way by […]

Books Do Furnish A Mind, Part I by Ibn Warraq From New English Review, March 2015. “…some covet to have libraries in their houses, as ladies desire to have cupboards of plate in their chambers, only for show; as if they were only to furnish their rooms, and not their minds”. –Sir William Waller,1 Meditation […]

EDUCATION: • University of Edinburgh:M.A. Arabic, Persian, Art History: 1966-1969 • University of London: Graduate Certificate in Education with Distinction:1973-1974 • University of London: B.A.Honours: Philosophy, Upper Second: 1974-1978 EMPLOYMENT: • Westminster Institute, Virginia. Senior Fellow, 2011- Present• Foundation for the Defence of Democracies. Research Fellow 2010-2011• Council for Secular Humanism. Research Fellow on Islam, […]